The Big Deal About Planet Fitness

The Big Deal About Planet Fitness – Health Perfecto

What You Need to Know About Planet Fitness

You wouldn’t be talking about living a good life if you haven’t made excellent health and fitness plans. And when it comes down to health and fitness, everyone is talking about Planet fitness. So, what is the big deal about Planet fitness? Is it as effective as some say it is, or is it just another health and fitness scam waiting to happen?

The Big Deal About Planet Fitness – Health Perfecto

Health and fitness are widely discussed by both old and young, and it leaves you wondering, what is the big deal? Why is everyone clamoring about Planet fitness? Just so you know, this is not a paid review; it is an honest, down-to-earth review on Planet fitness gyms and clubs.

There is no doubt that physical activity or exercise can significantly improve your health and lessen the chances of developing several diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Physical activity and exercise can also have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, normal activity can improve the quality of life, you live.

Just in case you don’t have an idea what health and fitness can do for you, it would interest you to know that physical activities can do a lot for the human body.

10 Benefits of Physical Activity

1.      Improve your memory and brain function.

2.      Protect against many chronic diseases.

3.      Aid in weight management.

4.      Lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

5.      Improve your quality of sleep.

6.      Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

7.      Combat cancer-related fatigue.

8.      Improve joint pain and stiffness.

9.      Maintain muscle strength and balance.

10.  Increase the life span.

So, now you know some of their functions, let quickly talk about Planet fitness.

There is no doubt that if you are a gym lover with an excellent taste for quality and luxury, you will enjoy Planet Fitness better than any other gyms. The number of times I visited this gym, I found it to have the machines I always wanted to use. The treadmills were so many and attractively positioned. The stationary bicycles are something else you would love to try. You will love the chairs that you lay in to get massages. If you suffer from chronic pain, chair exercise and massage is your best port of call. There are lots of TVs and music that help with good distractions. The TV stations are limited to only eight channels that cannot be changed. This simply means that you may miss your hometown football team on a given week.

This gym is very economical and has a lot of equipment for various types of workouts. As far as the weight machines go, Planet fitness had a variety of them aimed at working out every part of your body. They provide different exercising programs as well. And you would enjoy how it is set up with different rooms off to the sides, and how neat it is. The equipment is spotless and clean. For the most part, the Planet Fitness club staff always advises that you should wipe them clean with the sanitizing spray and paper towels they provide after using the equipment. One would naturally think the need for cleanliness is only limited to their headquarters.

Nonetheless, I’ve visited two of their gyms and discovered this to be consistent in both places. It is safe to say that neatness is one of their trademarks. They provide great assistance as well if you need it, and their customer care is extremely friendly. Showers and lockers are available to use as well. You will have the feeling that this gym is worth the money when you get to use it. The best part is, if you have a black card, you can bring a friend for free or get a massage.

The only thing I detested was that Planet fitness doesn’t have many branches. I had to drive about a half-hour to get to the club. And it just was not favorable for a quick workout. There’s also a crazy part of joining their high-priced membership plan. I joined Planet fitness sometime two years ago, and I signed up for the higher-priced membership with a no annual fee set up. In less than 30 days, I recognized I would never use all the other equipment that I was paying for, so I asked to switch it to the lower cost subscription. To my surprise, I was told that doing so would only mean canceling, and I’d be charged an additional fifty-something dollars for that.

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