14 Amazing Health Benefits of Pitanga
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Pitanga: 14 Amazing Health Benefits

What Is It Pitanga? The Surinam Pitanga cherry (Eugenia uniflora), sometimes known as the Surinam cherry (even though it is not related to cherries), is a huge shrub with many little red fruits. The fruits have a characteristic shape that reminds me a little of a pumpkin in certain ways. Pitanga is indigenous to Surinam […]

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Is cancer a virus?

Is Cancer a virus? 6 dangerous ways viruses cause Cancer?

Is Cancer a virus? This is a big question recently roaming in the world of sciences. Straight ups: Cancer is not actually a virus but certain types of viruses have shown a proven record for their ability to cause cancer.¬† When you hear the word “virus,” you might think of mild, transient ailments like a […]

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Why Health Insurance Is Important For You As An International Student

6 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is Important For You As An International Student

“Health Insurance” Are you an international student, about to get admission into an international college or university, or are you planning to study abroad anytime soon? If yes then, this article is for you because I will explain the major reasons why you should buy health insurance as an international student, regardless of your age, […]

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10 Methods Of Controlling High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Unbelievable Causes of High Blood Pressure and Possible Cure High blood pressure is precisely one of the most popular and deadly diseases in the world currently; high blood pressure kills millions of people annually, both young and old. It is very difficult to recognize the symptoms of high blood pressure because all the symptoms are […]

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