Most Effective Herbs That All Women Should Know About

Herbs are the oldest and traditional medicine that are used to treat both humans and animals, there is a significant difference between herbs and manufactured medicines. Most manufactured supplements are made of chemicals while some are made of chemicals and herbs, but when it comes to herbs it is completely natural because it is made of a natural plant that’s why it comes with zero side effect compare to manufactured supplement that is made from the combination of numerous chemicals which may be harmful to your health.

In this informative articles, I will list and explain the most effective herbs that every woman should use and know about these herbs are used in the ancient days to treat several diseases that are very common among women especially those who are above the age of 40, if you want to know about the most effective herbs that you can use to treat at least 80% of the disease that affect women as they grow older, then you need to read this article to the end.

Most Effective Herbs That All Women Should Know About

Red Raspberry Leaf

Most Effective Herbs That All Women Should Know About – Health Perfecto

Red raspberry leaf is one of the most effective herbs that help women to cure numerous diseases, especially those that common among older women.

Red Raspberry Leaf is an herb that comes with several vitamins including, vitamins A, C, and E, and minerals components that are rich in iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese. Women need these minerals and vitamins to be able to fight several diseases that affect them as they grow older.

Red Raspberry Leaf stronger your teeth with the help of the vitamins and minerals in it, aside from that it also has hormone-balancing and womb-strengthening properties which is beneficial for pregnant and menstruating women.

If you want to experience less disease in your old age as a woman then you need to consume red Raspberry Leaf regularly.

You can blend it with your smoothie or add it to your soup and other meal if it is needed.

Chaste Tree/Vitex

Chaste tree is also one of the most effective herbs for women if is used to treat many diseases that are related to menstrual cycle because it helps to stabilize hormone and regulate menstruation, fight PMS, and improve fertility.

Chaste Tree/Vitex is the best herbs to use especially when you are pregnant, it also helps to reduce the pain that comes with menopause to balance hormones.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is one of the most effective herbs for women that helps to cure numerous diseases that affect both adults and young women, Dong Quai is one of the most popular and most used herbs by traditional doctors in China.

Dong Quai helps to improve the functionality of the liver and blood circulation because of the minerals that are embbed in it, it is the best and most effective herbs for both menstrual and menopausal symptoms because if it normalizes hormones.


Ashwagandha is a popular herb that has been used in the history of traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine, this popular herb comes with numerous health benefits, Ashwagandha is an anti-stress and anti-anxiety herb in today’s world according to several research.

Ashwagandha helps to calm all then nervous system and improve sleeping time which is very important to everyone both men and women, it also increasing muscle strength and protects the heart and liver.

Ashwagandha increase women fertility, balancing hormones, increasing energy levels, reducing cancer risk, prevent type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, periodontal diseases.


Nettle is the last herb in this article, it is considered as a “weed”, but regardless of the stinging reputation, Nettle has minerals and vitamins that nourish millions of people across the world.

Nettle can be cooked with any meal, you can also add it to your smoothie because it acts as a tonic to the adrenals and kidneys, soothes stress, reduces toxicity, and promotes healthy, glowing skin.

Nettle is recommended by several traditional doctors for pregnant and lactating women because it helps to reduce excessive bleeding, it is also good for nursing mothers because it helps to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Nettle is a good source of iron and vitamin K which helps to improve and stronger your nails and healthy hair.


These are the most effective herbs that all women should use especially when they are growing older. It will help them to prevent several diseases that affect older women and allow them to spend less on drugs which will help them to save a lot of money. Aside from that, these herbs completely natural, they don’t have any side effects like other manufactured supplements that are available in the chemist stores.

Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any of these natural herbs because you may experience any side effects if it is not taken with caution. If you are currently living with any disease make sure you continue taking your drug as it is recommended by your doctor doesn’t stop your drugs for any herbs or supplement.

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