Health Benefits of Mustard

Health Benefits of Mustard

Health Benefits of Mustard


What exactly are Mustard Seeds?

Mustard seeds, also known as  ‘Mohori’ in Marathi, ‘Sarso’ or ‘Rai’in Hindi, ‘Rai’ in Gujarati, ‘Avalu’ in Telugu, ‘Shorshe’ in Bengali, and ‘Rai’ in Punjabi: is a really renowned component spice in American culinary art. The advantages of these seeds are massive and mainly included in hot dogs for taste, where its sauce is most preferred. It also has therapeutic applications that are estimated to date back to the Hippocrate time.

This plant is majorly found in the Mediterranean zone and connected to nutrient-packed vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Both its seeds and leaves are edible, thus making it a vast supplement to our dishes.

Aside from its respected culinary uses, the seeds have a history of usage in ethno-medicine dating back to the old Greek and Roman civilizations.

Nutritional Value of Mustard Seeds

100 grams of mustard seeds have about 508 calories of energy and 36.24 g fat. Other beneficial nutrients in 100 grams of these seeds include:

·         Fiber 12 g

·         Calcium 266 mg

·         Sugars 7 g

·         Carbohydrate 28 g

·         Water 5 g

·         Protein 26 g

·         Potassium 738 mg

·         Phosphorus 828 mg

·         Iron 9 mg

·         Magnesium 370 mg

·         Sodium 13 mg

Let me now brief you on the amazing health advantages of mustards

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds

From the highlighted nutrient values above, you could easily conclude that the seed must be great therapeutically (including aromatherapy) sound, and blessed with culinary uses. To avoid under rating our dear seed (mustard), we will just go through its amazing benefits below:

Strengthens Hair

Mustard seeds are high in protein, calcium, retinol (vitamin A), omega-6 fatty acids, omega-3, and tocopherol (vitamin E). All of these jointly strengthen our hair. Strong hair indicates that lesser amount of hair falls off.

Removes Odour

Should your food jars start to smell just like the spices or ingredients you store in them, covering up some mustard seeds in the jar may be of help to alleviate the smell. Warm just some glasses of water and add it to the jar. Also, add some mustard puree to the jar and best; and then pour away. It would be nice how the odour clears.

Slows Aging

These seeds of mustard are a brilliant source of both carotene and lutein. It is also a storehouse of phytonadione (vitamin K), and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Jointly, all these nutrients are a great antioxidant.

Hydrates Skin

When Mustard seeds are used together with aloe-vera gel, it act as a great product to hydrate one’s skin. It removes all infirmities from one’s face and enriches it with the desired bright glow.

Dietary Fiber

The seeds are also a good spring of dietary fibers that aid to improve digestion in our body. They help the gut move better, thus boosting the overall metabolism in our body. The fiber level here is almost promptly soluble, thus enhancing its effectiveness.

Deals with Lethargy

Mustard seeds are also rich in manganese, copper, phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids; all of which are necessary for cellular energy and cell regeneration. Mustard seed won’t just repair your wounds in short time, but also entire “lethargy” feelings? Whatever you get from aging medicine, it is safe to say that just some shots of mustard seeds is far way beneficial for you than a popular neon green energy drink.

For its Anti-inflammatory Properties

Mustard seeds are reasonably high in selenium; the amazing nutrient has been confirmed to reduce the severity of both asthma, rheumatoid, and arthritis. The endowment of magnesium in the seeds also help to lower blood pressure, encourage normal sleep patterns in menopausal women , and lowers the frequency attacks of migraine. The anti-inflammatory capability of mustard seeds makes them very helpful in treating a lot of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.


Migraine incidence also reduces because of the magnesium concentration of the mustard seed. Some little touch of mustard to your fish can raise its omega-3 level.

Manage Menopause Symptoms

Mustard seed is well proved to be beneficial to ladies during their menopausal stage. Reduction in bone mass due to the reduction in estrogen levels at menopause stageis a common problem. Consuming mustard seed may increase bone mass due to its high magnesium and calcium contents. Calcium and magnesium both assure the strength and firmness of bones.

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