Anal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Anal cancer is one of the most popular cancerous cells over the years and currently. It is very common among American and African men, although it affects other races too, women are also at high risk of anal cancer. It is one of the cancerous cells that is treatable if it is diagnosed and treated quickly.

It is very important to know all the necessary information about anal cancer so that you will be able to go for the necessary test immediately after you started experiencing the symptoms of anal cancer. Quick medical attention will fast-track the recovery period and reduce the pains that come with anal cancer.

Anal cancer is the type of cancer that occurs in the anus, it is a very short tube at the end of the rectum through which stool leaves your body. One of the major symptoms of anal cancer is anal pain and rectal bleeding.


Anal Cancer Causes

Older Age

Anal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Old age is one of the most popular causes of anal cancer. Based on the record of anal cancer, it affects people above 50 years old.

So if you are beyond 50 years of age, then you are at high risk of anal cancer.


Multiple Sexual Partners

One of the major causes of anal cancer is having many sexual partners, you are at a higher risk of having anal cancer if you have more than one sexual partner.


Anal Sex

Anal sex is also one of the major causes of anal cancer, people who engage in regular anal sex are at higher risk of developing anal cancer. Try as much as you can to avoid anal sex so that it won’t result in anal cancer.



Smoking Indian hemp, cigarettes, tobacco, and others can also increase your chances of developing anal cancer. You can reduce or stop smoking completely so that you won’t develop anal cancer soon.


History Of Cancer

History of cancer is also one of the major causes of anal cancer, if you’re currently living with any type of cancer, then you are at higher risk of developing anal cancer. Especially if you’re living with cervical, vulvar or vaginal cancer.


Anal Cancer Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms of anal cancer but these are the common symptoms.


  • Pain in the area of the anus
  • Bleeding from the anus or rectum
  • Anal itching
  • A mass or growth in the anal canal


Anal Cancer Treatment

There are several methods of treating anal cancer, if you are currently living with anal cancer you can choose any of these treatment methods to treat your anal cancer they are all effective and work perfectly according to health practitioners.



Chemotherapy is one of the easy and simple methods of treating anal cancer. It can be used to keep a cancerous cell and also prevent it from growing in your body.

Chemotherapy can be injected into your body or taken orally to reduce the symptoms of the Cancer cell.



There are several surgeries that can be done to treat anal cancer, surgery will be used to remove the tumor in the anus with other the healthy tissue around it.

Surgery is one of the most effective and common methods of treating anal cancer because it works perfectly and quickly especially among people with cancerous cells in the lower part of the anus that has not spread to other surrounding structures of the body.

Alternative Therapy

There are several radiation therapies that are common for many forms of cancer, including anal cancer. X-rays and other radiations can be used to kill several cancerous cells in the human body, including anal cancer. although it may also carry other healthy tissues in the body that surround a cancer cell.


Anal Cancer Prevention

Anal cancer can be prevented if you follow the necessary procedure. If you are not living with anal cancer or another type of cancer, then you need to follow this simple instruction to prevent yourself from anal cancer.


Practice Safe Sex

Don’t engage in anal sex, try as much as you can to have safe sex and avoid multiple sexual partners which are the major causes of anal cancer.

Make sure you go for a sexually transmitted infection test whenever you have unprotected sexual intercourse with your girlfriend or boyfriend if you are not married.


Stop Smoking

Anal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Smoking is one of the major causes of anal cancer, immediately you stop smoking you will be able to reduce the risk of anal cancer aside from that, other parts of your body like your kidney, liver, and other part of the body will be healthy. Likewise, your immune system will be strong enough to fight any disease.

Now you know all the necessary information that is needed about anal cancer, causes, prevention, symptoms, risk factor, and treatment.


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