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Be a Durian Warrior!

What You Need to Know About Durian

Have you ever wondered if there was ever a fruit you could eat and get entire gift packs offered by fruits all over the world?
Before we go on let me tell you something really fast, I love to consider myself a perfect health fanatic, if there were ever such words. Besides being that, I pride myself on finding out the best fruits one can relish not only the taste but also its nutritional contents. 
If you are a fruit lover like I am, I am certain you may have come across this particular fruit, Durian. So, now, you are probably wondering the big deal with this fruit. Stay with me and in less than three minutes, you would be amazed at the fantastic pack this single fruit comes with. 

What is a Durian Fruit? 

Durian, or king of fruits, as it is popularly called is a fruit with a lot of medicinal properties and health benefits. This fruit is a tropical fruit that is used in local medicine and is native to the Southeast Asian nations. So, while you are busy enjoying this fruit as a past-time hobby, a set of people, somewhere, are probably using the same fruit for a lot more besides eating it. 
Aside from its wonderful properties, durian also has a very great and exceptional scent and has a very rich nutrition profile. The fruit is believed by many to possess a lot of plant contents that may help in the curing of digestive ailments, cardiovascular diseases, and issues related to blood pressure levels and blood sugar. In this blog post, I will try my possible best to reveal the health benefits and nutritional values of the KING OF FRUITS. Oh, was that so loud? I am just excited, that’s all. Don’t forget to get some ear mufflers if this information is so loud! That’s a joke for those that can hear their brains read. It happens to me, so I know. 
Well, back to our discussion. No doubt, a lot of people get put off by the thorny side of this fruit. However, under the thorny outer skin and pungent aroma, this wonderful fruit offers a fine creamy texture and bittersweet taste that is often cherished by folks willing to overcome the discomforts of its husk and smell. Take about that popular phrase, ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ 
Okay, so, maybe you have given up on this fruit because of its pungent smell and thorny feel but wait for it…wait for it…those that cherish it are more than ready to overcome the extremely pungent smell from the leaves in its quest to humor themselves in its creamy sweetness. Talk about genuine love. It’s more of unconditional love. The Durian warriors! When we love, there is no looking back! We love down to the last part of the seed. Yup, you heard me well. 
Okay, so, I am going off yet again. Sorry, I told you I am very excited about this fruit. The king of fruits! One fruit that could easily replace so many others! Okay, enough of that. Let’s get serious. 
Now, for those who hate this fruit, there has been a lot of argument that the smell and appearance are all great ways of telling one that durian was never created to be eaten by humans. Yeah, talk about the award-winning excuse of the century. Beyond the horrible appearance, unpleasant smell, and great taste, the durian attracts a lot of myths around popular health risks. 
Taking this fruit along with beer may pose a risk of death; you could experience some discomfort as your system tries to digest both, but there is no proof yet of its ability to cause death. So, if you have at some point heard it causes death when merged with a bottle of beer, come forward and show us some proof. 
There is also this belief that it should be taken with cooling mangosteen to bring low its inherent warmth, although there is no research evidence about this. Oh, come on! This is the king of fruits we are talking about here, some respect, please. These two fruits are fetched at the same time from the field and are majorly sold together. 

Health Benefits of King Fruits 

It is now time to go through the prowess behind this amazing fruit; keep scrolling; 

1. Durian Improves Digestive Health 

The dietary fiber in the fruit helps in control bowel movement. And this, in turn, aids the prevention of constipation and boosts digestive health. The vitamin B1 (thiamin) in this fruit may boost appetite and your general well-being.
The high fiber in durian fruits also controls peristaltic motion. It may be beneficial to the digestive process in the gut. It also helps cure issues like excess flatulence, bloating, cramps, and heartburn. 

2. Like Chocolate, Durian Can Make You Happy 

Durian is high in the amino acid “tryptophan." When metabolized, it gets transformed to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for making us feel relaxed and happy. So, should you notice some happy vibes when enjoying some seeds, you now know why. 

3. Durian Can Cause Weight Gain 

With an average-sized durian of 1Kg having up to 1,350 calories, taking one durian daily can rack up to 68 % of our daily 2,000 calories required for an adult. A durian seed (of about 40 g) has 54 calories. 

4. Vitamins and Minerals Pack 

Leafy greens were thought the best sources of minerals and vitamins, but are this true? Have a rethink. Many veggies and fruits are low in comparison to the nutrient-pack durian. Boasting ascorbic acid and pyridoxine (B6), folic acid (B9), thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese; durian packs a lot of health blows. 

5. Durian May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases 

The organosulfur in the fruits may co-ordinate the inflammatory enzymes and lower the risk of heart diseases. 
A research study thoroughly carried out by the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine of Tulane University discovered that consumption of fruits that are high in dietary fiber may help reduce the concentration of LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and lower the risk of coronary heart disease. The fruit is friendly to the heart with its high fiber content. 

6. Durian May Help Regulate Blood Pressure 

Nearly 1 of 4 Singapore citizens between the ages of 30 and 69 are suffering from hypertension. This exposes them to the risk of stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure. Our magical fruit can now play a part in co-coordinating blood pressure because it is a dietary source of potassium (a beneficial electrolyte that aids in regulating blood pressure levels). Having known all that, it is very pertinent to keep those durian seeds under control! 

7. An Instant Energizer 

Because of its high carbohydrate content, durian may help boost low energy levels rapidly (in healthy folks). The fruit’s very high potassium level can also reduce stress/fatigue and reduce anxiety and mental stress. 

8. Boosts Our Immunity 

Durian is also known to limit signs of aging, strengthen bones, reduce blood pressure, limit headaches, lower thyroid inflammation, and cut down on symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. If there have been any natural cure-all, it would be durian. 

9. May Help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels 

The manganese in these fruits may help in the maintenance of blood sugar percentage. In a study, the consumption of durian had also raised the insulin response curve in ten patients suffering from diabetes. The antioxidants properties of durian also aid the reduction of oxidative stress, which may otherwise increase symptoms of diabetes. Durian also has a very low glycemic index (GI). Therefore, the fruit should not lead to blood sugar hikes. 

10. Durian May Help You Sleep Better 

The higher one’s level of melatonin (a hormone that controls sleep cycles), the better sleep you get. Durian is also high in tryptophan (an essential amino acid often required to raise the levels of melatonin. So consuming a seed of durian close to bedtime should help you sleep better. 

11. Durian Help to Combat Skin pigmentation 

Durian has more vitamin C than most tropical fruits. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has antioxidant strengths that help combat free radicals in our body, which may further lower the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentations. So, supplementing the fruit in our diet may supplement some beauty glow on our skin regime, although it should be consumed in moderation just like every good thing.

12. Detoxification! 

Put down those branded seed smoothies and crack open just a durian. Packed with antioxidants, durians should give you a lot of anti-aging benefits you could ever desire. 

13. Delays Ageing 

Durian is rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The nutrient is a strong antioxidant that lowers oxidative stress caused by harmful free radicals. The lower the levels of oxidative stress, the slower your aging process. 
Durian is high in some other antioxidants as well. Research studies have shown that antioxidants may help lower some signs of aging. The intake of durian may lower the signs of early aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, or age spots. 

14. Helps Maintain Bone Health 

Durians are very high in magnesium and potassium. These 2 minerals contribute to general bone health. Research studies have shown that a high intake of potassium may promote bone mineral density in folks over the age of 50 years. Some studies also proved that magnesium deficiency may increase one’s risk of having osteoporosis. Nonetheless, further research is required to ascertain the efficacy of the fruits in bone health promotion. 

15. There are Several Delicious Means to Prepare It 

Although taking raw durian is the easiest way to go, there are yet a lot of recipes you can prepare with durians. You can decide to go sweet with durian ice cream, durian pastry, durian cheesecake, or something savory, such as Thai durian salad, durian curry soup, or even crunchy durian chips
This misunderstood but amazing fruit has a whole lot to offer and, of course, earns its title as a ‘superfood.' 

16. Reduces Risks of Cancer 

Durians are believed to possess a lot of antioxidant properties that may help lower cancer risk. The fruit has polyphenols that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even kill the cells. In a study, the fruit proved to have shielding effects against breast cancer cells. 
Oxidative free radicals are known to kill beneficial cells and cause the proliferation of cancer. Since the antioxidants of durians combat free radicals, they ought to also help in reducing cancer risk. However, more and more direct research on this is warranted. 

17. Strong Natural Anti-Depressant 

It is believed these durian seeds can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Durian may aid in the synthesis of serotonin, though there is no scientific proof to shield this. Some studies claim that reduced levels of serotonin may aggravate depression. 


Do you have a different idea about this fruit? Please don’t forget to write to me, and I would do justice to any questions you may have. Have a fantastic rest of your day until I come your way again on another amazing topic.

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